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Thursday, 8 May 2014

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Essence Soft Touch Mousse

Shade - Matt Sand (01)
Colour Range - 8 shades
Capacity - 0.56 oz/16 g
Price - THB215 (~ USD6.50)

(I have an oily skin especially around my T-zone.)




 Before application

 After application 

  • Powdery finish! Though this product didn't claim to be a certain finish, I think it's safe to say that this product has a satin-matte finish.
  • Easy to blend! Such an awesome product for me to blend. I do recommend you to use a wet sponge to blend it out to avoid cake-y looking look. (I sometimes dampen my foundation brush with a little water and blend it out.)
  • The price. ~USD6.50!
  • Coverage. It has a light coverage which is slightly build-able, though I don't recommend you to do more than 2 layers. I personally don't mind the coverage because I don't have that much of a problematic skin and I personally like light-weigh foundation. However, I know a lot of people prefer heavier coverage, so I categorized this as one of its cons.
  • The capacity. It only comes in 0.56 oz, not even the typical 1 oz which is kind of a disappointment since I truly love the product, but I guess it's okay for the price I paid.
  • Cake y-ness.  I find that, especially with oily skin and humidity, my skin gets superrrr cake-y after a few hours. What I like to do one this happens is to first: blot the oil and re-blend the foundation with a damp applicator (sponge/brush).
  • It doesn't stay matte for a very long time. After around 4-5 hours, I start to see myself getting oily 
  • It smells like your typical foundation. 
I would rate this product, according to my skin type and what I need, a 7/10.

Let me know if you would ever try this out! Or, if you've tried it out before, how much do you like it? :) Bye~

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