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Saturday, 26 April 2014

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Trio

Hey thereeeeee

Today I have this old favourite to talk about, it's the Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells

Colour: Walking on Eggshells (380B)
Colour Range: 8 shades
Capacity: 0.12 oz
Price: THB199 (~ USD6 ;_; )

(I have an oily eyelid)



Browbone: A light champaign-y colour
Crease: A light bronze colour
Eyelid: A light, baby milk pinky, champaign-y colour
Outdoor light

Indoor light 


(The three colours were applied according to the name:
'BROWBONE' on the brow bone and the inner corner
'EYELID' all over the eyelid and emphasizing on the inner lid area
'CREASE' on the outer corner and a little more in the crease)

Outdoor Light

Indoor Light

- The price (If you buy in the states, that is -_-)  USD2.99?! SO CHEAP! I'm definitely buying loads more of these once I go visit the states! (  > _ <)
- The pigmentation. One little tap into the product and that's enough for you to swatch all over your lid! For the price you're paying, I think that's plenty good. :) But don't forget to tap the brush slightly before applying to avoid fall-outs.
- The colour range. I love how this product ranges from bright to dark to neutral to light colours. There are so many colours to try and test on without a biiiiiig commitment. Buying all 8 palettes would cost only around USD24 (If you buy these palettes in the states) and you would get 24 different colours (AKA 1 colour for USD1 *_*) since one palette comes with 3 colours; a highlight colour, a lid colour and a crease colour.
- The lasting time. After 10 hours, I can still see the colours on my lids and that shocked me so much! It's not as vivid as during the first 5-6 hours, of course, but it's still enough to be seen after the whole day out.

- Although this line of product are full of different, beautiful colours, these colours are all shimmery and some colour even had little fine glitters in them. None of the colours in this product line are matte or satin finish. (Which is a bother since I lovee, lovee, loveee matte/satin/natural finish eye shadows) However, if the colours are really blended out, you can't really tell that some of these are shimmery/glittery. :)
- The packaging. The material is (I believe) plastic and it's really thin so the overall packaging feels very flimsy and not the best when it comes to protecting the product. I feel like the shadows will all become smashed up if I accidentally drop the palette. (=_=) Also, may I mention that it's quite hard to open the lid? (; _ ;)

- The 'browbone' shade can double up as a beautiful highlight for the cheekbones, down the nose bridge and the cupid bone! (C-C-Cupid bone? Whatever that part above your lips are called....)
- My favourite colour out of the three has to be the eyelid shade (Light, baby milk pinky, champaign-y colour.). It looks absolutely gorgeous being the overall lid shade, inner lid, inner corner, lash line or under the eyes (ie. the Korean style make up where you emphasize the 'aegyo sal' [skin under your eyes]) and even the brow bone! My least favourite would be the crease shade because in my opinion, it's the least pigmented shade while being the most patchy, uneven one.
- As for the brushes, I'd rather pass on them. The sponge tip applicator is fine because just like any other sponge tip applicator, it's 'whatever'. I personally prefer the handle to be a tat bit longer but I understand that that's can't happen due to the length of the packaging. As for the blending brush, I find the bristle to be quite coarse and not as soft as I would like it to be. I also found the shape to be useless and it doesn't do a great job picking up enough product and/or blending the colour out.
- Smells like nothing.

Overall, I would rate this product a 9/10! I would definitely purchase this product again! Possibly in a different shade. :P (This product has now becomes one of my make up bag's stable!)

I hope this post was somewhat helpful! Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment down belowwwwww. ♡


Well ello ellooooo~

I'm back with another review from NYX today. Now, I know this product came out a loooooong long time ago, but I know some of the people are skepticle about this product somehow. Not blaming you though, I was too. 

I got my butter glosses from when I went to Singapore at this sephora store inside a mall on the Orchard Street. (Definitely one of us shoppers' must-visit place!

Colour range - 22 shades
Capacity - 0.23 oz
Price - SGD18 (~ about USD14 for all three shades)

These three shades came in a set at sephora: Cherry Pie (BLG12), Apple Strudel (BLG08) and Éclairé (BLG02). 


(From left to right: Apple Strudel, Cherry Pie, Éclaire)

(From top to bottom: Éclaire, Cherry Pie, Apple Strudel)

(Please excuse that these products are not freshly new, but you can still get an idea on what the application looks like :) )

(Colour shown above: Éclaire)
A pretty pink 'my-lips-but-better' colour

(Colour shown above: Apple Strudel)
A corally, peachy pink colour that actually look like a peachy nude when applied

(Colour shown above: Cherry Pie)
A soft, red colour with a hint of orange undertone. 


(From top to bottom: Cherry Pie, Apple Strudel [My personal favourite :p], Éclaire)


Bare lips

Cherry Pie

Outdoor light

Indoor light

Apple Strudel

Outdoor light

Indoor light


Outdoor light

Indoor light

- These butter glosses are so smooth and pigmented sheesh! They glinds on like butter, just like the name suggested. >_<
- The moisturization. These not only fill in the cracks between my lips, but also did not dry my lips out. I love wearing this product on days where my lips are superrrr dry, because the gloss would mask out all the dry streaks. =)
- They are not sticky nor too glittery. They also does not have any shimmers or glitters (which I personally enjoy and one of the reason why I love this line so much!), only a glossy finish. They all also have a lovely, sweet, dessert smell. 
- The price! These glosses are basically SGD6 each (~ USD5) which is super reasonable for the product quality. 
- I think these glosses are pigmented because I have a natually, strongly pigmented lips so for a gloss to show up, it means it is good. :)

- The fragrance. I personally adore the lovely, sweet smell but I know some of you guys are sensitive against fragrance. This may be something you want to take into account before purchasing.
- The colour range in different countries. Unless you live in the states, some country may carry less shades, price them higher or not carry them at all! I'm still on a hunt for a makeup store online selling these as well. If you know some, please recommend them in the comments! :D
- The lasting power. Because these are glosses, they originally not suppose to last a long time. They lasted around 2-4 hours, depending on what you were doing throughout those hours. (Eating, wiping your mouth, etc.)

In my opinion, I would rate this product a 10/10! Absolutely one of my must-have lip product.

What do you guys thing? Would you purchase them or pass? Let me know! ^_^

Thanks for reading guys! I hope this post was somewhat helpful to you. :) Until next time, bye~

Friday, 11 April 2014

REVIEW & SWATCHES: NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil (712 Plush Red)

Hello thereeeee!

I don't know about you, but I love love loveeeeee NYX! Whether it's their glosses, lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc. However, today I have a review post regarding their Jumbo Lip Pencil.

Basic information:
Colour - Plush Red (712)
Colour Range - 24 shades
Price - THB195 (This is approximately 6USD)
Capacity - 5g



Before Application

(Sorry for the super uneven and dry lips! I didn't apply any lip balm on since I don't want the lip balm to sheer out the true pigmentation of the lip pencil. Lip balm/Chapstick tends to do that sometimes, I don't know why! >_<)

After Application

 This is what it would look like if you apply a little product and blends it out with your finger. (So pigmented!)

 This is what it would look like if you apply the product straight from the tube like you would normally apply your lipstick without blending out the colour and/or blotting it. (Crazy, beautifully pigmented colour ♡)

  • Not only is the colour suuuuuuuper duuuuuuuper pigmented, it's also very smooth and blend able!
  • Last for about 4-5 hrs without eating/drinking/smearing the product. However, it does stain your lips since the product is very pigmented, so you don't have to keep re-applying.
  • The price (~6USD). What an affordable price!
  • Despite the good points I mentioned about this product, I would have to say that this is not the best product when faded. After eating/drinking or do your thing, if you don't properly remove/wipe it, it will leave an uneven patches of product all over your lips; whether your lips are dry or proper moisturised.  
  • The packaging. I absolutely don't adore the lid of the pencil. If you're not careful when taking off the lid, you can easily smudge the beautiful product in a matter of second! (=_= )
  • The smell. It has quite a strong chemical smell when you smell the product directly. However, I don't smell anything while applying. Unless you're like 1cm close to the product, you can't smell anything.
 Other information/thoughts:
  • I don't know if you can tell by looking at the photos above, but my lips actually look less dry when product is fully applied rather than a little bit applied and blended out. If you're planning on buying this product but you don't regularly wear bold colours, I would recommend you to go with nude or more of a my-lip-but-better colours; since I think this product looks the best when fully applied. 
    • If you fully applied it, it has a very smooth and semi-matte finish.
    • If you applied a little bit then blends it out, the finish would look quite streaky, dry and uneven. (✖ Not recommended! ✖)
  • The colour is very true to the packaging. But just in case, make sure you swatch and see if you like the colour first before purchasing. (if there are samples available)
  • Considering the pigmentation, I think this product would last me a very long time because I don't have to keep on re-applying and it does stains my lips.
All in all, I would give this product a 8.5/10

Hope this post was somewhat helpful to you guys. :) Thanks for reading! Bye~