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Monday, 11 August 2014

REVIEW & SWATCHES: SEVENTEEN (17) Miracle Matte Foundation


Shade: Porcelain
Colour range: 3 shades
Capacity: 30ml
Price: 275 baht (~USD8.50)
Oil free - SPF 15

(I have an oily skin especially around my T-zone)




(Without makeup)

(With makeup)

(With flash)

(Please excuse the background =.= I was in the car lol)

  • Long lasting and oil control! This truly lasts and although I don't know if it actually lasts for 16 hours, I do know that it lasts the whole day (8-12 hours).
  • Dries/set super fast! If you're on the go and you need your foundation to set quickly, this is the product! It sets within 5~6 minutes
  • Spreads out nicely. You don't need to use a lot of product. About half a pump or even less is enough to cover my whole face and give me a light-medium coverage.

  • How fast it sets.... Okay, so I said that it sets really fast, which is good. However, it sets so fast that if you don't blend it right away, it will set exactly just like that. The first time I used this, I pumped it out on to the back of my hand and dotted it around my face. By the time I finished blending one side of my face, the other side (full of dots) are already setted and blending it out smoothly is the hardest thing ever! (=_=) 
                  » How I apply:
              › Find a dense blush. Soft and sparse bristles brushes won't work well. (I switch around between Sigma F82 and F84)
              › I recommend you to start out little by little and build it up. Not only to avoid cakey-ness, but also to avoid the product drying and setting too fast. Put the brush upside down and pump the product directly on top of the brush then start dabbing, blending and buffing. (This is why you need a dense brush so the product won't run down the bristles) I find buffing in circular motion until it's all blended gives the most natural and smooth coverage.
  • The shades... I believe there are only 3 shades and the one I got (porcelain) is the lightest shade. It's not the friendliest for ladies (or gentlemen) with deeper skin tone, unfortunately.
  • This is not a product where it would control oil naturally for a long period of time. If you have oily skin, a good setting matte powder is needed! (I use Rimmel Stay Matte Powder ^_^)

  • It has a typical foundation smell.

Let me know if you would purchase this? Or if you have ever purchased it before, what do you think of it? Thank you for reading! I hope this post was helpful. :) Bye~

Saturday, 17 May 2014

REVIEW & SWATCHES: N7 Lash Impact Intense Volume Control


Today I have a mascara to review for you! My friend actually got me this when he went to UK (Along with the 17 Smoulder Gel Eyeliner ) and I was very surprised and excited to see this because I'm not a big fan of mascara, I don't wears it everyday, so I wonder if this mascara would change that!

Colour: Black
Colour range: 2 colours
Capacity - 7ml
Price: £10 (On the Boots website)

(I have an oily eyelid and a long but super straight, Asian lashes. I believe my lashes grow straight down = =)



Before application
After application

(Left: No mascara || Right: With mascara)

  • Lasting power! This product holds my curls for so long!I was very surprised to see that my eyelashes were still curled after 6-7 hours; especially when I compared it to my other eye which is not curled. 
    • How I curl my lashes (for Asian, straight lashes which grow downwards)
      • (Opt. - Curl the lashes before applying/doing anything)
      • Apply around 1-2 coats to the regular lashes
      • After the mascara has dried, curl the lashes and holds for about 5 seconds before releasing :D
    • I found that by applying the mascara first before curling, it allows the mascara to distributes on my lashes much better. For straight lashes which grow downwards, there's a slight angle to where the eyelash curler curls the lashes, so that part where curler curls may not get coated properly (if you were to curl it first then to apply the mascara)
  • Colour! Super black, opaque and pigmented. :D
  • Length! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like this mascara contains little fibers to helps lengthen the lashes. I think my right lashes look longer than my left. ^_^
  • The smudge.  I found that I had to check the mirror often since it does transfers to my eye bags. (Not waterproof)
  • The price. £10 is around USD17 which is closer to the price of a more higher end products. Although this product is good, it's not that great that would charge you USD17. O_O However, my friend only paid £20 for everything (6 products: 2x of this mascara, 2x of the liner and 2x Rimmel powder) because there's a promotion going on right now! So, my British people, go to your Boots and treat yourself before the promotion ends! Wish I was there myself for the promotion (T_T) ... though I'm still very thankful my friend walked into Boots for me lol... must be awkward for a dude haha!
Overall, I would rate this product a 9/10

Would you purchase this? Let me know! Thank you so much for reading and I hope this post was somewhat helpful. :) Bye~ 

Monday, 12 May 2014


Back with a product review and swatches again!

Today I'm doing the 17 Smolder Gel Eyeliner. This product is actually my first ever gel liner product and being the eyeliner sucker I am, I cannot miss out on not trying different types of liner! :D I asked my friend to pick this up for me when he was in the UK along with the N7 Mascara, and here are my thoughts on this product.

Colour: Black
Capacity: 24M
Price: £3.99 (From Boots in London)

(I have an oily eyelid)


New box/packaging design (I personally think it looks cooler haha)

 (Also comes in this old box/packaging -- no line designs around the box)

Don't mind the light's reflection ><



 See how creamy and opaque it is? <3

- Lasting power! I like how long this product lasts on me. After around 8-9 hours, it's still visible! I didn't wore it up until 16 hours but I think this product is off to a good start with doing what it actually claimed (16 hours wear).
- Price! Soooo cheap! For the amount of product you're getting, 24M for £3.99, I don't see why not to try it out. :D
- Colour! It's jet black and I love that. :P Now I'm on a hunt for a more wearable everyday colour like a brown. ^_^
- Texture! This product is soooo creamy! I love how easy it is for me to apply this on my eyelid. <3

- Smudges. As long lasting as it is, it does smudges. Though the smudging is not severe, it doesn't transfer a bit. Might just be because I have a superrr oily eyelid. :)

- Applicator/brush:  The handle was incredibly short to the point where I found it to be hard to hold. The brush is also a rounded-end, not thin, and doesn't feel as soft as I would like it to so I didn't bother trying using it. I think that's a right decision since I don't think the bristle can stand the hard, waxy, sticky texture of the product.
- It smells like typical ink. (If you know what I mean LOL)

In my book, I rate this a 9.5/10! Would definitely purchase this again. :)

Hope this post was somewhat helpful to you! Let me know if you have any other questions. 
Thank you for reading~ Bye~

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Back with another website review! YAY!

I have Born Pretty Store to review for you today. I picked up a bunch of rings from this site and wanted to share them with you all. :) This site sells many things, emphasizing on nail products, from beauty to miscellaneous for super-duper cheap! Plus, it's a worldwide free shipping with no minimal purchase. :D

- Took around 3-4 weeks to get to my destination
- I think this site is shipped from China, because my packaging has a Chinese written on it, but I'm not sure.


 Came with a thank you card, so cute haha

PRODUCTS: (Names of the product are as listed on the website)

7Pcs/Set Shiny Nail Ring Delicate Bow Heart Skull Design Knuckle Ring (USD1.99)

 (My most favourite and the first one I lost - -')

This ring fits as a knuckle ring for all my fingers except my thumb. It's a lovely, light gold colour and goes really well with my skin tone. I love it! But also very sad I lost it. ( T - T )

(I lost the rose gold one -..-)

This one is one of my favourite because I loveee, love very simple, easy-to-match jewelries. This ring is super flexible because I can wear it either as a regular ring (Only fits my pinky), a knuckle ring (On my ring, middle and index finger) or both!


Edgy, cool, gold-coloured and a knuckle ring -- 'nuff said.


This ring is so unique and edgy! I don't have any ring like this one, so I'm definitely happy to now have this in my ring collection. I personally prefer this ring to covers my pinky finger, but it doesn't fit sadly. However, it does still looks cool covering my middle finger's nails.


This one is cool and different; I quite like it. :) This is the smallest one out of all in this set. It only fits my pinky finger! 


This is the biggest ring in the set, and is my least favourite one because I personally don't like big, statement rings and this bow is a bit too big to my liking. It doesn't fit as a knuckle ring on any of my fingers (except my thumb) and is too big for my ring and pinky finger.

One downside about this set is that some rings do rust after a long wear. The colour either washes off and turn into a really, ugly rusted colour or it leaves a dark colour ring mark on your finger. However, considering the price and the 7 beautiful rings, I have nothing to complain!

I rate this a 9.5/10
 I also ordered two more rings, an infinity and a cat-eared one, but I want to emphasize this post on this 7 pieces set which I'm most impressed with.

That's all! Hope this was somewhat helpful. :) Until next time, bye~