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Monday, 12 May 2014


Back with a product review and swatches again!

Today I'm doing the 17 Smolder Gel Eyeliner. This product is actually my first ever gel liner product and being the eyeliner sucker I am, I cannot miss out on not trying different types of liner! :D I asked my friend to pick this up for me when he was in the UK along with the N7 Mascara, and here are my thoughts on this product.

Colour: Black
Capacity: 24M
Price: £3.99 (From Boots in London)

(I have an oily eyelid)


New box/packaging design (I personally think it looks cooler haha)

 (Also comes in this old box/packaging -- no line designs around the box)

Don't mind the light's reflection ><



 See how creamy and opaque it is? <3

- Lasting power! I like how long this product lasts on me. After around 8-9 hours, it's still visible! I didn't wore it up until 16 hours but I think this product is off to a good start with doing what it actually claimed (16 hours wear).
- Price! Soooo cheap! For the amount of product you're getting, 24M for £3.99, I don't see why not to try it out. :D
- Colour! It's jet black and I love that. :P Now I'm on a hunt for a more wearable everyday colour like a brown. ^_^
- Texture! This product is soooo creamy! I love how easy it is for me to apply this on my eyelid. <3

- Smudges. As long lasting as it is, it does smudges. Though the smudging is not severe, it doesn't transfer a bit. Might just be because I have a superrr oily eyelid. :)

- Applicator/brush:  The handle was incredibly short to the point where I found it to be hard to hold. The brush is also a rounded-end, not thin, and doesn't feel as soft as I would like it to so I didn't bother trying using it. I think that's a right decision since I don't think the bristle can stand the hard, waxy, sticky texture of the product.
- It smells like typical ink. (If you know what I mean LOL)

In my book, I rate this a 9.5/10! Would definitely purchase this again. :)

Hope this post was somewhat helpful to you! Let me know if you have any other questions. 
Thank you for reading~ Bye~

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