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Monday, 11 August 2014

REVIEW & SWATCHES: SEVENTEEN (17) Miracle Matte Foundation


Shade: Porcelain
Colour range: 3 shades
Capacity: 30ml
Price: 275 baht (~USD8.50)
Oil free - SPF 15

(I have an oily skin especially around my T-zone)




(Without makeup)

(With makeup)

(With flash)

(Please excuse the background =.= I was in the car lol)

  • Long lasting and oil control! This truly lasts and although I don't know if it actually lasts for 16 hours, I do know that it lasts the whole day (8-12 hours).
  • Dries/set super fast! If you're on the go and you need your foundation to set quickly, this is the product! It sets within 5~6 minutes
  • Spreads out nicely. You don't need to use a lot of product. About half a pump or even less is enough to cover my whole face and give me a light-medium coverage.

  • How fast it sets.... Okay, so I said that it sets really fast, which is good. However, it sets so fast that if you don't blend it right away, it will set exactly just like that. The first time I used this, I pumped it out on to the back of my hand and dotted it around my face. By the time I finished blending one side of my face, the other side (full of dots) are already setted and blending it out smoothly is the hardest thing ever! (=_=) 
                  » How I apply:
              › Find a dense blush. Soft and sparse bristles brushes won't work well. (I switch around between Sigma F82 and F84)
              › I recommend you to start out little by little and build it up. Not only to avoid cakey-ness, but also to avoid the product drying and setting too fast. Put the brush upside down and pump the product directly on top of the brush then start dabbing, blending and buffing. (This is why you need a dense brush so the product won't run down the bristles) I find buffing in circular motion until it's all blended gives the most natural and smooth coverage.
  • The shades... I believe there are only 3 shades and the one I got (porcelain) is the lightest shade. It's not the friendliest for ladies (or gentlemen) with deeper skin tone, unfortunately.
  • This is not a product where it would control oil naturally for a long period of time. If you have oily skin, a good setting matte powder is needed! (I use Rimmel Stay Matte Powder ^_^)

  • It has a typical foundation smell.

Let me know if you would purchase this? Or if you have ever purchased it before, what do you think of it? Thank you for reading! I hope this post was helpful. :) Bye~

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