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Saturday, 26 April 2014


Well ello ellooooo~

I'm back with another review from NYX today. Now, I know this product came out a loooooong long time ago, but I know some of the people are skepticle about this product somehow. Not blaming you though, I was too. 

I got my butter glosses from when I went to Singapore at this sephora store inside a mall on the Orchard Street. (Definitely one of us shoppers' must-visit place!

Colour range - 22 shades
Capacity - 0.23 oz
Price - SGD18 (~ about USD14 for all three shades)

These three shades came in a set at sephora: Cherry Pie (BLG12), Apple Strudel (BLG08) and Éclairé (BLG02). 


(From left to right: Apple Strudel, Cherry Pie, Éclaire)

(From top to bottom: Éclaire, Cherry Pie, Apple Strudel)

(Please excuse that these products are not freshly new, but you can still get an idea on what the application looks like :) )

(Colour shown above: Éclaire)
A pretty pink 'my-lips-but-better' colour

(Colour shown above: Apple Strudel)
A corally, peachy pink colour that actually look like a peachy nude when applied

(Colour shown above: Cherry Pie)
A soft, red colour with a hint of orange undertone. 


(From top to bottom: Cherry Pie, Apple Strudel [My personal favourite :p], Éclaire)


Bare lips

Cherry Pie

Outdoor light

Indoor light

Apple Strudel

Outdoor light

Indoor light


Outdoor light

Indoor light

- These butter glosses are so smooth and pigmented sheesh! They glinds on like butter, just like the name suggested. >_<
- The moisturization. These not only fill in the cracks between my lips, but also did not dry my lips out. I love wearing this product on days where my lips are superrrr dry, because the gloss would mask out all the dry streaks. =)
- They are not sticky nor too glittery. They also does not have any shimmers or glitters (which I personally enjoy and one of the reason why I love this line so much!), only a glossy finish. They all also have a lovely, sweet, dessert smell. 
- The price! These glosses are basically SGD6 each (~ USD5) which is super reasonable for the product quality. 
- I think these glosses are pigmented because I have a natually, strongly pigmented lips so for a gloss to show up, it means it is good. :)

- The fragrance. I personally adore the lovely, sweet smell but I know some of you guys are sensitive against fragrance. This may be something you want to take into account before purchasing.
- The colour range in different countries. Unless you live in the states, some country may carry less shades, price them higher or not carry them at all! I'm still on a hunt for a makeup store online selling these as well. If you know some, please recommend them in the comments! :D
- The lasting power. Because these are glosses, they originally not suppose to last a long time. They lasted around 2-4 hours, depending on what you were doing throughout those hours. (Eating, wiping your mouth, etc.)

In my opinion, I would rate this product a 10/10! Absolutely one of my must-have lip product.

What do you guys thing? Would you purchase them or pass? Let me know! ^_^

Thanks for reading guys! I hope this post was somewhat helpful to you. :) Until next time, bye~

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