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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

TATTOO? ➜ Does It Hurts To Get A Tattoo? My Experience.

Hellooooo :D

Since this is my first post, I decided to talk about something I adore and finds really fascinating, tattoos. You either love tattoos or hate tattoos and for me, I love it. So here's my experience and thoughts on getting one.

I've compiled some questions people asked me thus far in case you have the same question(s) on mind:

Remember, this is based on my experience, you may or may not agree with me. Also, excuse my long ass answer and I babbling through my story and experience, LOL.

Does it hurts?
This, somehow, seems to be the most FAQ I've been asked ever since I've gotten a tattoo. 
Not going to lie, yes, it does. However, it's not an unbearable pain where you feel like dying. I'm sure you've heard of the different "pain scale" of tattooing. The basic logic I tell people is: Choose the place where you want to get tatted up. Then, press slightly where it won't leave red finger marks but is enough for you to feel some pressure. The more bone you feel, the more it hurts. Sadly, the places such as rib cages, fingers or side of your feet are likely the most painful places to get a tattoo on, but yet one of the most beautiful. However, for places such as upper arm (biceps), stomach, thighs, upper back and lower back tend to be less painful because the needle doesn't come in contact with the bones. Instead of pain, what you'll feel is tickling feeling. The feeling of tattooing is like little needle stabbing lightly but fast and repeatedly for who knows how long. Think of it like getting a piercing! Just with little more time.

How much is it?
I got my tattoo done in Bangkok, Thailand, at a mall called MBK and the guy was generous enough to give me a 20% off because my birthday was coming up. The total was 1000baht (~$31) which truly is very cheap and the quality is amazing because he showed me a new needle totally packaged with no damage, then open it and use that same, new needle right in front of my eyes to ensure me that the needle is completely safe, new and clean. Unfortunately, I do not remember the store's name. However, no matter where you go to get your tattoo, make sure the tattoo artist show you a completely new, undamaged package of needle! Or else, it's better to walk out and find a better place.

What was the process? How did it went? How long did it took?
The process was simple, but I'll bullet it out for you in case you really are curious:
  • Because my tattoo design can be found on the internet, I searched it up for the tattoo artist. If you have a desired, hand-made design you want to be tatted up, go ahead! Just bring the design along when you're going to get tatted up.
  • The tattoo artist then printed it out and let me place the design on a place I want the tattoo to be. If the size is too big or too small, he will print it again and again until I find the desired size.
  • Once the size and everything is right, he then traced the design onto the paper and put it on my skin. The trace of the design he made would transferred onto my skin as a template.
  • The tattoo artist showed me the clean, undamaged package of needle.
  • He then start tattooing the design by outlining first and fill it in afterwards.
The process was alright. I got my tattoo on the right side of my left wrist (pictures will be shown below) While the tattoo artist was doing the right side of the design, it was far away from my bone, so I didn't felt much. However, once he start reaching the middle of my wrist is when I start feeling a bit uncomfortable and pricking pain because it's closer to my bone. The overall design only took me around 40 minutes, but that's only because it's a small one.

How did you know what to tatted? How long did you thought about it before you get it? How did you know where to get it? Aren't you afraid about what people would think of?
What you want and where you want it is entirely up to you.  Since tattoo is something which will stay on your skin forever, I'm a firm believer of getting something meaningful to YOU. Of course, no offence to those who don't agree with me. It's your body, what you get is your decision. The tattoo I got is my Chinese character for my last name. I'm not at the best state with my family and sometimes, I just need that confirmation of my identity. Having this tattoo on my wrist where I can easily see ensures my identity as who I am and ensures my stance as a part of the family. At first, I wanted to get the tattoo on the left side of my left wrist below my thumb, because that's where the veins are and the left side of your body is where the heart is. This tattoo deeply relates to who I am, so I want to get it close to my heart but not literally. However, I decided to switched to the right side of my wrist because I was afraid that the tattoo artist won't be careful and might pop my vein while tattooing me. Yes, that's the reason. (LOL) As for other people opinions, like I mentioned earlier, It's YOUR body. In the end, it's still YOUR body. If getting yourself a tattoo makes you happy then who cares what other people think? If they truly care and love you for WHO YOU ARE then the physical change should be pointless to them. Plus, I've been wanting this exact same tattoo for 4 years before I got it, sure as hell didn't regret one bit. :)

There's not a lot but here are some basic ones:
  • To prevent yourself from regretting later and going through the process of removing, MAKE SURE WHAT YOU WANT IS REALLY WHAT YOU INTEND TO HAVE ON YOU YOUR WHOLE LIFE. Give yourself the minimum of 4-6 months to think about what you want to get. There's no rush through searching up quotes or pictures online; people don't just come up with what they want in 10 seconds. Don't worry and don't rush, the tattoo store won't go anywhere!
  • BRING A FRIEND WITH YOU. Seriously. Whether or not this is your first tattoo or your 40th, bring someone you can talk with you. Sitting there with just the tattoo artist won't work. He/she cannot always talk to you to distract you from the pain, and it's even worse if you're not sociable and can't seem to find a topic to talk about with someone you don't know for at least 30 minutes. Friends who can make you laugh are the best. Bring one, two or even more! Plus, if you're with a friend, one hour or so feels like 10 minutes!
  • If you're planning on getting a big ass tattoo, make sure to bring food or something to distract yourself such as your phone. Instead of suffering through the pain quietly, why not distract yourself with something else. The more distracted you are, the faster the experience will pass by.
  • Now, if you are afraid of needles or something sharp but still want to get a tattoo, this method really works. While I was getting my tattoo, I looked completely away from the place I'm getting tattooed and talk with my friend non-stop. I mean, we even talked about how great instant noodles are and how much our lives depend on them.
  • MAKE SURE to go to a hospital after you got your tattoo to get your blood check. If possible, go multiple times. The needle may be new and all, but you still never know; the ink can be infected! Check if your blood is clean and it may be a good idea to test for an allergy test as well. Who knows, you might end up being allergic to some ingredient inside the ink. Better safe than sorry!
  • Just think about the outcome. If it's what you want, then you can storm through the pain. NO PAIN NO GAIN! Oh, wait, that quote doesn't sounds right.... BEAUTY IS PAIN. There you go.

Sorry for the long ass answers! I warned you, didn't I? Now, time for pictures :D 

***DISCLAIMER*** Please do not USE this or get this character TATTOOED on yourself just because you thinks it looks "cool". It's my last name, something I value so much. Using it just because of how it looks is pure disrespectful. Thank you. :)

This picture is fresh off the boat! How it looks like ~10 minutes after it's done. Don't freak out because of the redness and how swollen it is, it's totally normal. In fact, if it's not red and swollen, it's not a tattoo. XD

Practically what it looks like after around 3-4 weeks. 

This is the most recent one. How it looks after around 2 months! Now I can touch, scratch, scrub and rub the perfume on without hesitate. :)

Do I plan on getting more? Absolutely xP

Thank you for reading! I hope this post was somewhat helpful to you and that it's not too long and boring. Comment down below any question(s) I missed to answer or comment anything you want. :) Thank you again for reading! 


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